Friday, April 06, 2012


Hello again on this fine Good Friday!

Spring is in the air in Winnipeg. It's weirdly warm here for April. But that means it's easier to go have new experiences earlier in the year.

Take today for example, I played hula hoop Frisbee. It's not as easy as it sounds, since a hula hoop is just a ring. It's also substantially bigger than a regular Frisbee. It's fun nonetheless though, and I'm pretty sure if you did it long enough you'd work up some considerable upper body strength. It also might help with reflexes. Get whacked in the head with a hula hoop enough times and you'll learn to dodge.

I'm other news, this week I have managed to make another trip around the sun since the day of my birth, and turned 19. Woohoo!

It's beautiful out though, so I'm going to go enjoy it! See you next week with a blog post on the play Dionysus in Stony Mountain.

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