Saturday, April 21, 2012

Done dun dun

Sorry I didn't post during the week guys, I had studying and things to do because.... school is done for the year!

I got home yesterday and slept for two hours until it was time to go to work.

I do have something that might be interesting for people though. There's a documentary coming out on April 27 called Bully.

It's about peer-to-peer bullying in America, but bullying is a problem everywhere. There is a need for attention to be brought to bullying in schools, and in the "adult world".

Bullying is not only something that happens in schools, though it is a more noticeable problem there. There is bullying after school, only in more subtle ways usually.

I think people should see this movie because it's bringing attention to real problems, with real people. The kids in the movie are telling their real life stories.

Hopefully, someday, kids will feel safe in their schools. Because nobody should have to be afraid to get on the bus in the morning, or walk into class.

Here's a link to the movies IMDb:

Talk to you all next week.

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