Thursday, November 24, 2011


Well, this movie's a little older, it came out last Spring.

I liked this movie, but the few other people I know who saw it didn't.

I think the difference was that they went in looking for a well made movie with a good plot line. The movie was well made, it had good effects. The plot line... it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great.

That's why I think my friends didn't like it.
Thin plotline? What?
I agree, the plotline wasn't the best. It might be better in the graphic novel version, but I haven't read that yet.

I liked it more than my friends because I went into that movie expecting to see some vampires get killed.

And you know what? I got that. And I loved it.

It's not too memorable to me, I find that I can only loosely remember what happened now (when normally I can remember more). But at the time it was good.

The person I went to see it with had a very funny thought during the movie:

"Why don't vampire hunters wear neck guards?"

Onto the next order of business, I have a poster from the movie.
This poster, actually.
So, this is only really applicable to people who live in Winnipeg, since I'm not at the moment willing to ship a poster somewhere out of town.

If you're interested in having this poster, the first Winnipeger who comments on this post saying their favorite Vampire movie, and why it's your favorite, I will bring the poster to you (only if you live in Winnipeg, I'm sorry, but I can't mail it.)

That's about it for now! Nighty night!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Movie Days

Alrighty everyone. First of all, no pictures this week, since the movies I saw last week weren't too appropriate. Also, there will be a wee bit of foul language in a bit, just a heads up.

Last Friday (after attending a Remembrance Day ceremony) I went to see A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas with a friend. Then, later that night I went to see Immortals with other friends.

The next day, after work, I went to my friends house, and watched Heavy Metal 2000.

On a side note, I was sick of movies  by the end of the weekend, but not the company I was keeping.

First of all, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas.

Well, for some odd reason, the theater I went to thought this movie was rated 14A. It's really, really not. It's 18A. It's 18A for very good reasons. There is foul language, drug use, nudity, general inappropriate content, and did I mention the nudity? I'm not really a prude when it comes to people being naked, but that was waaaaaay more male genitalia than I needed to see in one movie. I can only imagine how the girl sitting near me who appeared to be less than 16 felt.

That being said, it wasn't too bad. I haven't seen the other Harold and Kumar movies (mostly because I didn't want to), and to be honest I probably won't watch them unless my friend wants to watch them with me. I wouldn't suggest watching it if you're easily offended by... well, most things. If you liked the other movies in the series, I've been told (by people who like them) that this is a good one to see.


I wasn't really going to see this movie, but I was asked along as a... fourth wheel? It makes sense to me, but I can't explain my friends personal lives.

For a 3D movie, it used the 3D effects very very well. I've seen some pretty terrible 3D, and this was pretty damn good.

I don't really have anything I can say on how they represent Ancient Greece, though for some reason they interpret a Greek accent into a... semi-English accent? Which, to be honest, is probably for the better, the Greek accent can be hard to understand. I've known my dad all my life (haha) and I still have a hard time understanding him sometimes.

-Insanely- violent though. If any of you read my blog post on the movie Drive, you`ll have a bit of an idea on how I feel towards head squishing.

Well, I almost threw up during Immortals too. Lets just leave it to your imagination now.

Heavy Metal 2000

This isn't a new movie in any sense. It's an interesting movie though.

Really inappropriate in most ways too.

The first time I saw this I think I was still in junior high. Which isn't really a good thing. I say that because I saw it on Teletoon. You know, the children's show channel. This might be animated, but there is nudity, violence, sex, sexual reference, swearing, and I'm fairly certain illegal substance use. On Teletoon.

That I watched it when I was younger explains a lot about me I've been told.

I do truly enjoy this movie, to me it's so bad that it's good.

And I will give a real spoiler, this is my favorite line in the movie:

"How do you lose a six foot B**** and a talking rock! How do you do that?"

It makes me laugh so hard every time I hear that.

This movie is rater R. It's got good reason to be. But it also has Billy Idol voicing one of the characters, which makes it kind of awesome.

It also has a pretty decent soundtrack if you like metal.

One I particularily enjoy is "Psychosexy" by Sinisstar. It's fun to dance too.

But, time for bed, night all!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kenny Shields and Streetheart!

Alright everyone, no movie goodness this week. I was planning to watch a movie tonight, but my mom won tickets to go see Kenny Shields and Streetheart tonight!

That's their song Action. I find it's the one that sticks in my head the most.

Another concert in Winnipeg this month is The Tea Party! They're playing The Burton Cummings Theater on November 23rd. I am so very, very excited. So you guys get to easily get the links to some Tea Party songs!

Here you go!
Now I must away, see you all next week!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The cats meow

This past weekend, Puss in Boots came out.

Thank you Puss in Boots blog

And, oh my gosh, was it adorable.

Kinda like this... Well, exactly like this.
There was a surprising amount of innuendo though. I know they through innuendo in so that adults can enjoy it as much as the children the movies are intended for do, but with Puss in Boots, it almost seemed like it was more for adults.

We find out about Puss' past in this movie, and meet "Kitty Softpaws" (played by Salma Hayek)

"That's a lot of heel for a guy."
It's not too bad a movie, it appeals to both children and adults... but be prepared for awkward questions from the kidlings if they're old enough to understand that something inappropriate has been said, but not know what it was. 

In Other News

If anyone reading this is a fan of the Inheritance Cycle, happy days are here again.
For those who have never read the books from the Inheritance Cycle, it is made of the books Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. It will also finally, finally, have the last book in the series, Inheritance coming out in four days (from this post).
Finally. FINALLY.

It might be hard for people to see how happy I am that Inheritance is finally coming out. So I'll explain. The first book in the series, Eragon, came out in 2002. I would have been about eight or nine. Originally the Inheritance Cycle was called the Inheritance Trilogy. When Brisingr was released in 2008, I thought there would finally be closure on the series. But no. It didn't wrap it up, and I've been wondering since then if Christopher Paolini was ever going to end the series. And he finally is. Finally.

If anyone is interested in finding out more, here's Christopher Paolini's website:

On that note, I'm off! Bye!