Friday, March 09, 2012


For the past three days I (with my fellow CreCommer's) have been sitting through the IPPP's

That's the Independent Personal Project Presentations (and that's a mouthfull).

The IPP's (Independent Personal Projects) are something that students in the Creative Communications program have to do in their second year at the college. We have to pitch an idea to a panel of teachers, and if they approve it, we get to work on them in our second year.

The first year CreCommer's get the pleasure of presenting at the IPPP's next year, but for now I figured I'd push off thinking about it, and leave you all some breadcrumbs to projects that were presented this year.

Just as a head's up, all the presentations were awesome, but with at least 65 presentations, I'm not going to list all of them. So without further ado, A portion of the IPPP's in 2012.

The (un)holy War by David Driedger

I haven't read the comic yet, but based on the presentation, it looks good.



Heart Container - Albertine Watson

Heart Container is a video game zine, which makes it pretty awesome, and when ordering a copy they will mail it to you even if you're out of country (if I understood the presentation correctly). I haven't bought a copy yet (being a broke student) but it's on the list.

A jar of Heart Containers... hehehe


Conversation Kitchen - Laura Kunzelman

It's a cooking blog, but it's got interesting original recipes that are easy to make.


Thor's Mighty Blog - Thor

Just to clarify, not Norse God Thor. But it -is- a blog about comics and related paraphernalia.

Moon Drop: The dark side of the light side. - Breanna Perrelli

Part of the reason I was drawn to this graphic novel is the story, the other in the way it was presented. It was a great presentation, funny, a little adorable, and it got the information across.

It's another thing on the ever growing list of things I'm going to buy... eventually.


Now, there were a lot more presentations that were just so amazing (all of them), but I don't want to make this blog post much longer than it is.

So I'll leave you with the link to the IPPP's webpage, so you can see everything there was to offer.

Hope you all have a good day!

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