Friday, March 16, 2012

Anime Music

So I'm pretty dead on my feet today, I've been awake over 24 hours.

That's why today I decided to find some of the Anime theme songs I like and post them for you, because music is one of the few things I'm truly, madly passionate about.

I will not promise all these songs are appropriate for younger or sensitive audiences, so view with caution.

So here we go!

Heros Come Back - Nobodyknows

This was a Naruto theme song and yes, I know that Naruto is a punchline a lot of the time now, but it's still a good song. I would have put the opening theme song animations, but sometimes I find the bands actual music video is much better.

What's Up People - Maximum the Hormone

This was used as a theme song for the anime Death Note. I won't lie, I love Maximum the Hormone. They have such a unique mix in their music, it's kind of rap-rock-pop-metal. And their drummer Nao is my drumming idol. But look how hard they rock in their videos, it's almost ridiculous. I'm only including videos that had their music used as theme songs in anime, but I'd definitely suggest checking out some of their other video's if you like this one.

And then we have this...

Zetsubou Billy - Maximum the Hormone

This was actually the first Maximum the Hormone music video I saw. I initially thought that Maximum the Hormone was a Visual Kei band (for more information: ), and then I could see their full awesome. This song was also used as a theme in Death Note, though if you look up the lyrics, it looks like it might have been written for Death Note. Also, the video clearly references Death Note.

This is the Lucky Star opening. I'm not sure who made the song, but I'm also not sure there's any actual... point... to the song. But that can kind of describe the entire Lucky Star series. Still, it's a cute song.

But that's all for the day, I'm going to work on staying awake!

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